Have you ever wondered how regularly have you headed to the shopping center, work, or back home without truly contemplating it? And have you eaten a supper fantastic meal and not generally appreciated it?

It’s really strange how some days can pass by while our thoughts and psyches are somewhere else. Basic in yearning, as hard worker entrepreneurs who are regularly contemplating the following stage. However, life unfurls in the present time and place yet we permit it to sneak away stressing rather over the future and repeating the past.

So what seems to be the issue?

According to experts, living in the moment-also called mindfulness-is a state of open, intentional attention on the present. When you become mindful, you realize that you are not your thoughts. You actually become an observer of your thoughts from moment to moment without judging them. Mindfulness involves being with your thoughts as they are, neither grasping at them nor pushing them away.

With my experience towards mindfulness and meditation, especially people that I know who truly tend to live in the moment, I’ve come to a conclusion that they share these characteristics:

  • more joyful, rich, sympathetic, and secure
  • they can hear negative input without feeling undermined
  • battle less with their sentimental accomplices
  • are more accommodating and less defensive

I mean even today, for me, sometimes living now is this moment looks like a hard thing to do. Especially with the level of stress that we face every single day. So many distractions on daily basis are responsible for this state of mind. Distractions are everywhere. And I find myself in pure distraction, without even realizing I’m in one.

And on the long run, I’m proud to say that I’ve succeeded to become much more present in the NOW moment than I used to be. I’ve even figured out how to drive at the moment while turning off the radio and the mobile phone. I’ve seen things that have most likely been there for quite a long time yet observe them unexpectedly.

It really takes practice to live in the moment, consistently. So this is what I found out to help me on the way to mindfulness, and that’s exactly what I suggest you to do:

1. Loosen up: Making a public appeal? Try not to ponder what you’re really doing or being impeccable at it. This will simply make you more restless. Zeroing on the current removes that self-assessment permitting yourself to give up.
2. Savor the Moment: Finding yourself with your family yet still connected to your smart phone? Shut it off completely and enjoy the conversation. Savor each moment asking questions and using it as an opportunity to find out more about the other person and their interests.
3. Go with the flow: Do you end up controlling each part of your day? Get away from everything and permit yourself to accept circumstances for what they are. In the event that you normally pick the film or the favorite restaurant, permit others to settle on the decisions and go with it.
4. Accept what it is: Each and every one of us has aggravations in our lives, regardless of whether it is unexpected uneasiness when we need to give a discourse or the meeting relative who scrutinizes everything from the occasion food to the stylistic layout. The psyche’s inclination is to evade it or spotlight on the negative sentiments causing more pressure. Some of the time things are outside your ability to control. You can simply grasp the inclination for what it is. It doesn’t imply that you need to like what’s going on or you are surrendered to it. It just is the thing that it is. Deal with it.

To become mindful as possible you can, that truly requires practice. You might become more aware in existing, apart from everything else just by focusing on your prompt understanding. You can even do it at this very moment. What’s going on right now? Simply watch the occasion. What do you see, hear, and smell? Just notice yet don’t pass judgment on it or structure a conclusion.

My advice, go easy on yourself. This is a marathon run, not a 100m race.

Spacing out every once and a while is natural. Instead of fighting back against a wandering mind, cut yourself—and others—more slack.

“A lover who isn’t always there in the act might return if they aren’t pressured to do so too actively; someone who isn’t happy on holiday might grow a little more so if we don’t demand that they smile all the time,” de Botton says.

Instead of forcing yourself to feel a certain way in the moment, notice how you feel as the event unfolds, regardless of how that may be.

“Not being able to be in the moment isn’t a sign that we are strange or defective, but that we have started to be rightly faithful to ourselves.” de Botton concludes.

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